The Future Of LinkedIn …And You

By John Bellamy 17 August, 2018 10 Min Read


Thinking about the future, particularly when it comes to LinkedIn and how we all (you included) interact with connections.

With so many amazing advances in technology, the social (and business) media landscapes have seen drastic change – for the better – in recent times.

4 Major Advancements in Social Media Technology

…Live Stream Video


…Conversation Starters

…Messenger Bots

This list of endless technology advances has truly taken the social media marketing world by storm and is proving quite lucrative for many savvy marketers and business owners.

Challenge is. Many feel that LinkedIn – the Number #1 Social Network for professionals is falling behind, fast.

What do you think? (comment below)

Is LinkedIn A Viable Social Media Platform For Business?

Personally, whilst I feel that the LinkedIn platform has got a long way to go in order keep up with the advancements of Facebook, for example – I still believe it is by far, the best platform for business professionals on the planet.

Speaking for myself – LinkedIn’s been quite fruitful for the team and I at Direct MSGing. With the average cost of connection at $1.04 and connection value of $72.86. The math works.

The challenge is, most users and business owners fail to leverage the power LinkedIn has to offer when it comes to increasing your reach, influence, and conversations. I’m talking B2B Lead Generation.

I talk more about this here…

Increase LinkedIn User Engagement And Viability

I could go on a whole rant here, with a bunch of advancements that LinkedIn could make (copy the four above for starters), however, I’ll keep it brief and just talk about one great advancement LinkedIn could make for its users.

Video Marketing

Let’s face it, video marketing is powerful.  With this said, it’s this humble marketers opinion, that it would be a very smart and profitable move for LinkedIn to incorporate Live Video Streaming as part of the network ASAP.

Don’t get me wrong. LinkedIn has already started making moves here with their 30-second Q&A Style videos – however, it’s been limited to a select few and is way off the mark from where it would be viable for the bulk if it’s userbase.

Take for example events.  With Facebook, you can live stream video directly to your profile, business page or even group.

I often do this (as I’m sure you do) via your facebook business page.

So the question beckons…


Where should LinkedIn focus their attention, in order to increase user engagement, time on the platform and ultimately profitability for its users and themselves?

What do you think?

I’d love to hear your thoughts as to where you feel LinkedIn has an amazing opportunity to further enhance this powerful platform.  Please keep your comments POSITIVE.