Create a Compelling Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Business


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Social Media Plan

There are so many social media platforms available for online promotion of businesses. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to decide which social media platform would work best for the company. The company’s social media plan helps find an answer to this question.

It all begins by determining who the target market is. For example, a business that wants to market its products and services to white collar professionals, they might want to focus their social media strategy around LinkedIn. On the contrary, a business would opt for Snapchat or Instagram if it’s targeting the teenagers.

A social media plan will help you determine the right mix of social media platforms to capitalize on, in order to improve awareness and conversions.

Social Media Strategies

There is a plethora of strategies that you can use and implement to set your social media plan into motion. While most of these strategies require a situation-based approach to implement, there are some that work across the board. These strategies include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Regular (preferably daily) social media updates.
  • Aligning content generation to social media goals and metrics
  • Engaging in real time conversations and interactions
  • Adding the human element to your brand for better conversions

Social Media Content Plan

Your social media content plan is what helps you decide how well you connect and communicate with your target market over the social media. This is where you implement your social media strategy to figure out what type of content will best create brand awareness among your audience and bring the most conversions for the business. It involves understanding the audience psyche and providing them with the valuable content that is informative, engaging, and interesting.

Your social media content can include informative articles, product promotions, latest news and researches, infographics, videos, blogs, or anything else that may compel your audience to come back to you for more.  

Marketing Plan Steps

Your company’s social media plan is supposed to be a cohesive part of the overall marketing plan of your business. While we’ve already established the importance of having an effective social media marketing plan – but, you can’t have that unless the overall marketing plan of your business includes strategies for it.

Here’s how you can create a marketing plan in 5 easy steps.

  • Conduct an in-depth situation analysis of your business. Identify the external opportunities that can be capitalized through marketing.
  • Define your target market. You should know who will buy your product. Learn as much as you can about your target market.
  • Define your marketing goals. What do you wish to achieve through this marketing plan.
  • Devise working strategies to reach out to the target market and accomplish your goals by setting the plan into motion.
  • Decide on your marketing budget. How much you need to spend, how much you’re willing to spend, and how much you CAN spend.  

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