How to Use LinkedIn for Business

Now more than ever business owners, marketing teams and HR professionals are turning to LinkedIn.

As the world’s largest professional network with more than 645 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide, LinkedIn a fantastic place for businesses providing financial, consultancy, health-related, or IT services to other businesses around them.

While LinkedIn still remains a professional social network at its core, one can’t deny the fact that it holds immense potential for business marketing – if done right!  

Here’s how you can use LinkedIn for your business:  


LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to promote your business if you’re looking to target a highly-specialized customer base.

While other platforms may provide you with similar opportunities to connect with your prospects, LinkedIn narrows it down to the exact industry, business size, location, the job titles of people that you may wish to target as customers.

It’s direct and focused – providing you greater chances of hitting the bull’s eyes than you could ever have to promote your business on other social media channels.  

LinkedIn Marketing

How to Use LinkedIn for Marketing

Once you have created your business’ profile on LinkedIn, the next step is to get the connections rolling in.

You could simply start off by adding your employees and colleagues as connections.

However, it would be far more beneficial for you, if you began to leverage LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator platform – which enabled you to focus on connecting with your ideal prospects.

With each connection you add, you can tap into further connections that may be interested in the products/services your business has to offer. Encourage your immediate connections to advocate your company brand, and see how that brings all the right people to your network.

Use your LinkedIn company page as a company channel that airs all the important developments, news, and information that might interest a highly targeted customer base.

Make sure your page is attractive and up-to-date with relevant images, posts, and creativity that make it stand out from the rest.

Lastly, a quality LinkedIn marketing strategy is to ensure you are responsive to the queries and concerns of your potential market. Remember, these potential customers are a group of highly professional individuals – you need to bring your A-game to impress and win them over.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

The simplest way to go about it is to add value to your potential clients. When they reach out to you for solutions (or you to them), don’t just give them a one-liner as the answer.

Provide them with research-backed, industry-related data and information that satisfy their concerns and opens new horizons of learning and knowledge for them.

Make sure whatever you share is interesting and relevant. A little humour here and there is always appreciated.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

There are a number of different ways you could generate better leads for your business through LinkedIn. These could include:

  • Create product pages on LinkedIn and treat them like a normal landing page.
  • Use the direct messaging feature to send custom messages to specific target customers sharing links to promotions or the website.
  • Create and/or promote a specialized LinkedIn group that might hold information and insights your target market would be interested in.
  • Use product banners, pictures, and widgets to share important posts, links, and promotions.
  • Update your company status in the morning for better lead generations and conversions.   

LinkedIn Social Media

Your business will naturally have other social media channels where you share valuable content and information in a more casual manner. Crosslink these social media channels with your business’ social media account.

Even the most hardcore professionals sometimes need a break from the case studies, webinars, and white papers – they can always sneak into your alternative social media channels to see what you’ve got to share there.  

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Need help in marketing your business better on LinkedIn?

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