How to Leverage LinkedIn Stories for your Business

By John Bellamy 8 July, 2020 2 minute Read


LinkedIn Stories is one of the latest features that was rolled out by the professional platform. Much like Facebook and Instagram Stories, any posted content will go live for a short amount of time – 24 hours to be exact.


With LinkedIn Stories, you can show a day in the life of your business. You can take photos and videos, or choose to show previously-captured pictures and videos from your phone’s gallery.

What’s great about this feature is that you can show a more relaxed, casual side of your business. Let your clients and prospects take a peep into your everyday process – and don’t hesitate to be creative with what you post!

LinkedIn Stories allow your connections and wider network to view your story for 24 hours. In turn, you’re also able to view your connections’ stories and peep into what they’re up to!

Six ways to leverage LinkedIn Stories for your business?

  1. Post behind the scenes of your business, you can “let in” your clients and connections – making them feel more connected to you.
  2. Have other social media accounts – for example, a Facebook or Instagram? Repurpose and post content from that platform onto LinkedIn Stories.
  3. Hosting a Live event – maybe via Zoom or Facebook Live? Generate more awareness of this event with LinkedIn Stories.
  4. Highlight your product or service in action. This is a very common way of marketing your solutions, which will highlight to your connections what they’d be getting if they were to do business with you.
  5. Showcase client results – reviews, recommendations and testimonials. Leverage LinkedIn Stories and your clients to generate more brand awareness.
  6. Share your company milestones. Celebrate the success of signing on a new client. This will be a great way to build your business’s reputation and social proof.

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In summary, LinkedIn Stories is another great way for you to connect with your network and generate more brand awareness. Consider how your business and team can hop on the trend and take advantage of this newly added feature.

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