Developing Powerful Conversations Through LinkedIn

By John Bellamy 17 August, 2018 10 Min Read

I had the privilege of being interviewed with Mike Bennett from 101FM, recently, about how I got started in marketing and my thoughts on how business owners can develop and leverage conversations …Particularly, when it comes to LinkedIn – the world’s largest network for business professionals.

Here’s the interview…

As you’ll hear, the power behind marketing (well the way I see it anyway), stems from your ability as a business owner and/or sales professional to develop valuable conversations with your ideal future customers.

Regardless of the marketing channel – LinkedIn, Facebook, Radio, etc… the top marketers (and organisations) on the planet – have all mastered the art of developing conversations, that convert.

What’s the secret?

Laser focused determination on mastering “conversation development” has been proven to generate consistent marketing results – ROI – time and time again.

… Be it an online direct response marketing strategy,

… A content marketing strategy

… A multi-million dollar branding strategy

Your results, the success of your marketing or advertising campaign, can be closely linked and measured to the number of quality conversations and engagements you were able to generate from your efforts.

So what’s all this mean?

Well, from where I stand. If you really want to grow your business in the weeks and months ahead, you MUST have a strong focus on the number (and quality) of conversations that you and your sales team are generating off the back of your marketing efforts.

Now, you’re probably thinking… BUT John, I’m already strapped for time now… I can’t possibly have any more conversations – I’m already speaking with far too many people as it is…

Honestly, you may be right… However, my question for you is…

Are you speaking with (and investing the appropriate amount of time) with the right people?

More often than not, you’re probably investing too much time with the wrong people. This is where most business owners and their teams become stuck and fail to grow, efficiently and profitably. Why?

Most businesses fail to QUALIFY PROSPECTS OUT quick enough, due to a lack of focus and control with their sales process design.

Let me break it down a step further…

In my experience, most businesses fail to qualify out early enough in their sales process, therefore, they are left drowning – having poor quality conversations, that will eventually go nowhere.

So how do you change this?

Well, this is where you must invest some time and resources in re-engineering your sales process (I highly recommend checking out the book from, Justin Roff-Marsh on the topic – click here).

You see, once you have a clear sales process design in place, then your marketing and advertising campaigns become more effective, which, result in a higher return on investment from the sales conversations you and your team have.

Sounds really simple, right. Well, it actually is quite simple – JUST NOT EASY!

This is why you must choose to partner with specialists who can help you design, and implement the right solution for your business.

Most importantly, though, your success will ultimately depend on YOU and your team, falling in love with the dumb and boring – A marketing and sales system that’s guaranteed to produce results.

Fact is, even though I personally love the LinkedIn platform (I know my customers are active here), however, the marketing medium or channel you choose to utilise depends on a number of factors.

One thing will never change, though… And that’s how you go about leveraging that medium to maximise your conversations.

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