[Copy. Paste. Cash] “Customer-Generating” Email Templates…

By John Bellamy 17 August, 2018 2 Min Read

[Copy. Paste. Cash] “Customer-Generating” Email Templates…

I want to show you this customer-generating message that will help you get higher quality customers, faster.

A few weeks back now, I was speaking with a business owner about their Marketing strategy – specifically, when it came to generating more conversations, and ultimately sales in their business.

…One of the things that came up, was EMAIL and how they (a professional service business), could leverage a direct response email strategy in their marketing mix.

You see, like most business professional, they too admitted that they had neglected to effectively use of email in their marketing strategy.

Hey ~Contact.firstname~,

I’ve put everything I know about [Solution] into a [Report/Ebook/Video].

Would you like me to send it to you?

Chat soon,


They further stated, that, although they sent the occasional e-Newsletter to nurture their existing database (typically once every month or so…) their overall email marketing strategy was utterly useless …And failed to generate MORE CUSTOMERS.

To cut short my long story…

Understanding how to create (and deploy) customer-generating emails in your business is a true artform – one that takes many years to perfect.

And that’s why, I want to share with you these 4 customer generating email templates with you – so you can begin generating more conversations – with less effort – using email.

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