Case Study Reveals: How A Melbourne Based Finance Professional Leveraged LinkedIn To Generate More Conversations (And Sales) …Plus How You Can Too!

Start Implementing Conversational Based Marketing Campaigns In Your Business Today …Without Fear Of Being Labelled “SLEAZY” By Your Peers, Prospect And Customers

John Bellamy ~ CEO, Direct MSGing


20th August 2018

From The Desk Of John Bellamy
– Gold Coast, Australia

Dear Time-Poor Business Professional,

I’m writing this letter to help you rapidly grow your business. It comes down to this…

When it comes to marketing and increasing your sales, being consistent plays a vital part in your overall success. The challenge for most business owners (and their teams) however, is that you are not consistent. In fact, most openly admit this to be true.

It’s time to say goodbye to your frustrated feelings about marketing once and for all and FINALLY start generating more conversations (and sales) consistently

Let me explain…

For most time poor professionals. Your frustrations (and challenges) with marketing comes from you …not actually knowing what to do, …how to express your offer, …and when to deploy your message into the market place.

Furthermore, most professionals and business owners are terribly inconsistent when it comes to:

  • Writing compelling marketing messages (email, newsletters, sales letters, etc…)
  • Generating enough reach (eyeballs from your future customers) – They don’t know who you are!
  • Connecting emotionally with your audience – You’ve got to understand your customer psychographics.
  • Doing the 1%’ers daily, consistently (follow up, emails, calls, etc…)

Generating leads CONSISTENTLY is the lifeblood of your business

To cut short my long story…

At Direct MSGing we help established professional service firms and consultants amplify your reach, influence, and contribution …PLUS generate more quality conversations with your ideal future customers.

We Do The Heavy Lifting For You!

Here’s a sneak peek at what we will help you with…

  • We write your customer-generating emails …Saving you time, energy (and stress)
  • Help grow your database …Increasing your reach and influence, daily
  • Communicate with your existing database …Consistently adding value …PLUS increasing engagement
  • Track your metrics …Live reporting to help Test, Measure and Tweak your marketing message
  • Mentor you to greater success …With ongoing success calls to maximise your ROI

We’ve had great results with other time-poor professionals and we can help you grow your business too. Simply using these tools (LinkedIn, Sales and Marketing Automation with Infusionsoft, etc.), it’s now less expensive than ever to increase conversations and close more sales with technology.

Jovan Pretorius
500+ Connections, $300K Plus in Sales …All Within 4-Months!

“One of the hardest things to keep on top of when growing a successful business is your marketing …Our decision to partner with Direct MSGing has proven to be one of our best and most profitable (not to mention time saving) marketing decisions to date!”

Jóvan Pretorius Smart@Vance

What You’re About To Discover Is Guaranteed To Generate You More Conversations (And Sales) In The Weeks And Months Ahead

Here’s the thing…

Your ideal future customers use platforms like LinkedIn, have a smartphone (with email access), spend hours in front of the computer, frequently and actively engage online – both socially and professionally.

Our job, and we love it – is to increase your circle of influence via a series of personalised automated messages, so you can… get more connections and more conversations with your growing database of ideal future customers.

Implementing our proven “C4 Method” powered with Customer-
Generating Email Formulas (and scripts) will help you too

  • Connect with more of your prospects and customers, more often – growing your database FAST!
  • Communicate spellbinding, sort after content that expands your influence in your client’s eyes
  • Convert more conversations into cash …Adding extra zeros to your bank account
  • Cultivate stronger, longer lasting relationships with your high-paying clients and partners
4x Appointments in 48 hours …Plus Millions in Approved Loans

“Within 2-days of commencing our campaign with Direct MSGing, we generated 4x new appointments with our ideal strategic partners. Resulting in our team writing millions in approved loans. Let’s just say, I’m pretty impressed!”


Here’s How It Works…

First, we’ll organise an initial 45-minute consultation with you, at which time we will discover…

  • Discover more about you and your business and objectives.
  • Decode your current marketing and sales processes.
  • Decide on a clear course of action to rapidly attract more profit in your business.

From there, assuming that we decide that we’re a great fit and want to work together, we’ll finalise our arrangements and get to work…

… By putting your Direct Messages to work online for you – using LinkedIn, email, etc. – we will get your valuable content in front of your ideal future customers. They’ll see your fresh highly valuable, high converting messages and content, and contact you for help.

Are You An Established Professional Service Firm Or Consultants Who Wants To Monetise Your Existing Database, Increase Your Reach … And Have Someone Do The Heavy Lifting For You?

In order for us to be a great fit and ultimately work together, you MUST…

  • Be dedicated to increasing the value of your business …AND understand that growing a business requires effort
  • Be Open to having more conversations with your ideal future customers and partners …On the phone, in person, digitally
  • Be Coachable and willing to invest in marketing and sales …Mastering the art of buying customers

We have a strict limit of 8 clients per intake – and only have a few spaces available at any given time.

Please click the button below to schedule your complimentary 45-minute consultation.

My team and I will listen to your goals and explain our program. If we’re a good fit, we can have everything set-up and running within 14 business days.

We look forward to speaking with you,

John Bellamy
CEO, Direct MSGing


More Leads (And Clients) On Autopilot
“In just 6-months… we’ve managed to increase our connections, develop quality conversations and convert more customers more often! I’m very pleased with the subtle (non-salesy) approach that Direct MSGing uses to connect and communicate with our audience.

-Heather Bienefelt, Integrated Consulting Solutions

Generated $66k in Marketing Campaigns
“I’ll just give you the stats. After one week of implementing John’s “simple, stoopid” Linkedin process, I was able to generate 66K in marketing campaigns with blue-chip IT vendors. Both are PILOTs and if successful they will be ongoing campaigns representing 300k in revenue per year.

-Richie Warr, IT Lead Factory