How to Choose the Best B2B Lead Generation Services For Your Business

Your inbound sales pipeline might be generating leads for your business, but the results might be painfully slow.

To capitalize on the time and effort spent on inbound lead generation, many companies are now replacing (or enhancing) this process with a more efficient and measurable outbound B2B lead generation.

Outbound B2B Strategies not only help you increased brand visibility, they typically generate more leads and sales conversations, faster than inbound marketing – resulting in a quicker return on marketing investment, leading to revenue growth.

Business to Business Lead Generation

Lead generation can prove to be a complex process. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that lead generation can single-handedly account for a major chunk of a business’ success. Integrating structured B2B lead generation campaigns into the overall sales strategy can boost your business revenue. It’s typically quicker than inbound marketing too.

B2B lead generation gives your prospects different ways to discover your business. Through B2B lead generation, you get a chance to magnetize the value proposition of your business through the diversification of your basic marketing touchpoints.

However, doing that isn’t as simple as it seems. It requires proper skills and experience to see the deal through – this is where Direct MSGing lead generation services come in.

Lead Generation Services

While looking for the best B2B lead generation services for your business, you will notice that lead generation programs vary from company to company. Each may have a different strategy to address the area of lead generation, but holistically, these companies are operating on the same denominators.

Different lead generation programs can be broken up into two main categories:

  • Inbound marketing
  • Outbound marketing

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing can be described as a process that helps potential customers recognize your brand and business. It’s about creating brand awareness that can be later converted into brand loyalty resulting in more leads and more revenue. Inbound marketing involves strategies like:

  • Website
  • Content & SEO
  • Social media
  • Blog

Outbound Marketing

While inbound marketing strategies might be the flavour of the month, carefully mixing them with strategies of outbound marketing (our favourite) can work wonders for your overall lead generation plans. Outbound marketing is the most cost-efficient way to intensify the impact of your inbound lead generation and target specific prospects. Outbound marketing usually involves strategies like:

  • Email marketing
  • Pay per click campaigns
  • Display ads
  • Direct mail
  • Events
  • Content syndication
  • LinkedIn Direct Messaging

Lead Generation Companies

When choosing a lead generation company for your business, look for the following things:

  • Experienced sales staff, with hands-on skills and knowledge of their area of expertise.
  • Dedicated project management teams with considerable experience in generating and managing sales leads from the beginning to the end.
  • A complete range of lead generation and management facility including advanced data management, electronic scripting, and collaborative client dashboards.
  • A properly structured lead generation program designed for a multi-step process that incorporates everything from marketing, lead generation, tracking, and reinforcing the real purpose of lead generation services.

Before you decide on a lead generation company, make sure you do your research. Evaluate your options and interview different lead generation service providers, to gauge which of them suits your business requirements best. Go for a company that compliments your target market, company culture, and sales style.

Are you looking for a lead generation company to manage sales leads on your behalf? If so, then let’s talk. Direct MSGing’s B2B marketing services leverage platforms like – LinkedIn and Infusionsoft by Keap, ensuring your lead generation and business growth goals are achieved, consistently.

B2B Lead Generation With LinkedIn