Generate Leads, Develop Conversations & Sell More High-Ticket Services With Direct MSGing

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Why Partner With Direct MSGing..?

We help ‘recession proof your business’ by creating a high performing - predictable revenue producing - marketing and sales process, you can rely on.

4x Appointments in 48 hours ...Plus Millions in Lending
"Within 2-days of commencing our campaign with Direct MSGing, we generated 4x new appointments with our ideal strategic partners ... And have since added millions in lending revenue. Let's just say, I'm pretty impressed!"

Shaun Massie
Shaun Massie Commercial Finance

More Leads (And Customers) On Autopilot
"In just 6-months we've managed to increase our connections and convert more customers! I'm very pleased with the subtle (non-salesy) approach that Direct MSGing uses to connect and communicate with our audience." 

Heather Bienefelt
Heather Bienefelt Management Consultant

It's Time To Say Goodbye To Your Frustrated Feelings About Marketing Once And For All ...And FINALLY Start Generating More Conversations (And Sales) Consistently!

We Send Messages For You As You!

Your ideal future customers use platforms like LinkedIn, have a smartphone (with email access), spend hours in front of the computer, frequently and actively engage online - both socially and professionally.

Our job - and we love it, is to establish a valuable connection (plus kick-start conversations) with your ideal prospects, increasing your sales pipeline value, so you (and your team) close more sales.

  • We’ll write or rewrite your LinkedIn profile (including your company page)
  • Craft your LinkedIn message sequence and follow up emails
  • Deploy the strategy on your behalf - connecting you with thousands of your ideal future clients,
  • Nurture your prospects with valuable, targeted email campaigns (articles, faq’s & case studies),
  • PLUS… Mentor you (and your sales team) to greater success, every month.

Why Partner Direct MSGing?

When it comes to marketing, being consistent plays a vital part in your overall success. The challenge for most business owners (and their teams) however, is that you are not consistent. In fact, most openly admit this to be true.

How we will HELP YOU WIN, consistently...

At Direct MSGing we do the heavy lifting for you... By leveraging tools and techniques including - LinkedIn, Email, Sales Process Design (powered by Infusionsoft) and ongoing Mentoring.

We’ve developed a method, proven - to help further establish your authority, generate more influential conversations, and predictably close more sales.

Let's be clear... This is not a Magic Pill! ...And if you're after some magical client attraction system that promises to produce a billion dollars without you having to lift a finger - then we're definitely NOT a fit.

However, if you already run a successful business, and want to grow faster - then...

When you partner with Direct MSGing our aim is to help you add an additional $100k ...$300k ...or more, in lifetime client value - every year! Without relying on word-of-mouth, referrals ...or... hiring more team members.

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Committed To Sales Growth?

Direct MSGing's proven "4-Step Customer Generating Email Formula (And Scripts)" helps established time poor business owners boost engagement, influence and credibility with their database of contacts!

  • 1


    With more of your ideal future customers, more often ...Grow your highly targeted database FAST!

  • 2


    Consistently distribute spellbinding, sort after content your target market loves ...Expand your influence with EASE!

  • 3


    More quality sales conversations into cash …Add extra zeros to your bank account without the fear of being "sleazy".

  • 4


    Strong, longer lasting relationships with your high-paying clients and partners ...PLUS gain more referrals!

We work with professional business owners, who are dedicated to increasing their sales, influence and value of their business.

We'd love to help you if... You have an average annualised client value of $5,000+ (and a lifetime client value greater than $25,000). Most importantly, you understand investing in marketing is vital (the lifeblood) to business growth.

If this is you, then... REACH OUT!

Our Direct MSGing Consultants will listen to your goals and explain our program. ...AND, if we’re a good fit, we can help you get started and have everything set-up and running within 10 business days.

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