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Why Partner With Direct MSGing..?

Increase Leads and Sales with Targeted LinkedIn Marketing, Advertising and Direct Response Email Campaigns.

We work with our clients to create (and deploy) online strategies that produce more traffic, more leads, and more business. Our team leverages direct response marketing and sales process engineering principles, combined with over 20-years of knowledge & experience to deliver tangible marketing results. We help ‘recession-proof your business by creating a high performing – predictable revenue-producing – marketing and sales processes, you can rely on.


Increase trust,
Strengthen your brand.

Direct MSGing’s proven “C4 Method” enables growth organisations to boost engagement, influence and credibility with your key prospects, whilst re-engaging your existing database of contacts!


With more of your ideal future customers, more often …Grow your highly targeted databaseFAST!


Consistently distribute spellbinding, sort after content your target market loves …Expand your influence with EASE!


More quality sales conversations into cash …Add extra zeros to your bank account without the fear of being “sleazy”.


Strong, longer lasting relationships with your high-paying clients and partners …PLUS gain more referrals!

Results Focused Marketing Solutions

B2B Lead Generation Services
Drive more engagement and leads, consistently
LinkedIn For Business
Leverage the world’s largest professional network
Marketing Automation
Deploy targeted marketing campaigns that drive leads
Infusionsoft CRM and Sales Pipeline
Fix your follow-up with structured sales processes
Social Media Marketing
Distribute sort after content directly with your key audience
Conference – Workshop Speaker
Inspire your team or audience with outcome-based actions


We help you create a steady stream of quality prospects engaged with your brand, ready for your sales team to follow-up and convert. Your possibilities are limitless!

Conversations That Convert


Your ideal future customers use platforms like LinkedIn, have a Smartphone (with email access), spend hours in front of the computer, frequently and actively engage online – both socially and professionally.

Integrated Strategy

Our job – and we love it, is to establish a valuable connection (plus kick-start conversations) with your ideal prospects, increasing your sales pipeline value, so you (and your team) close more sales.

Competitive Intelligence

We send messages for you as you! We’ll write or rewrite your LinkedIn profile (including your company page). Craft your LinkedIn message sequence and follow up emails.

Nurturing Your Prospects

We work with you to deploy the right strategy – Connecting you with thousands of your ideal future clients, Nurture your prospects with valuable, targeted email campaigns (digital assets, videos & case studies), PLUS… we mentor you (and your sales team) to greater success, every month.

Quality Data You Can Leverage


Account-Based Marketing Leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Paid Advertising.


Our team connects you with key decision-makers within your target audience, enabling you to gain insights into their business landscape.


Direct MSGing’s proven “Conversations into Cash” formula, helps you to identify opportunities for follow-up. We work with your team to structure your Infusionsoft sales pipeline, plus add positive engagements and leads for your sales team to follow up and convert.


Direct MSGing helps generate interest in your niche and distributes your valuable content to your database. Our team assist you to increase the brand awareness of your solutions within a target group of companies.


We help develop and deploy relationships building marketing campaigns with your audience at every stage of the sales pipeline.

More Business. Less Work.


Put Your CRM To Work Winning You More Business.

Sales Marketing Systems

Managing tasks that are repetitive such as website actions, CRM actions, sales funnels, leads emails and social media is the job of Marketing Automation technology.

Webinar Marketing

Direct MSGing can help create automation systems and solutions to take the heavy work out of repetitive tasks within your business. We understand Webinar Marketing and leverage platforms like Zoom Keap and Infusionsoft by Keap as part of our service.

Sales Funnels

We use the Keap and Infusionsoft by Keap CRM along with our own sales marketing systems (derived from Direct Response and Sales Process Engineering), to help streamline your sales funnels in order to gain an uplift in sales outcomes.

When you have steady stream of qualified prospects engaged with your brand, you can utilise our system for limitless growth.


Leverage the worlds number 1 Professional Social Platform. LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to promote your business, particularly, if you’re looking to target a highly-specialised customer base.

While other platforms may provide you with a vast playing field in terms of potential customers, LinkedIn narrows it down to the exact industry, company size, and job function of the people you may wish to target.

It’s direct and focused – providing you greater chances of hitting the bull’s eyes than you could ever have, promoting your business on other social media channels.


Position your brand and expertise online in order to drive conversations, connect and build your client list.


Understand who to connect with and why by leveraging LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Discover the key challenges of your prospective clients.


Acceptance rates by industry and develop quality conversations with your LinkedIn connections.


Build a relationship with your key prospect accounts. Deliver quality digital assets and videos directly to their inbox.


Sales conversation with key accounts, plus develop referrals and recommendations from both prospects and customers alike.


Develop long-term relationships with key decision-makers that result in profitable outcomes, spanning decades.


Marketing Automation,
Done Easily For You.

Direct MSGing helps growth companies increase your brand awareness and build high-quality relationships that help fill the top of your sales funnel. We work closely with our clients to create successful online marketing and sales strategies. At Direct MSGing – We Kickstart Conversations. For You. As You.

There’s no other social platform on the market today, that is at the same level as Linkedin for B2B marketers. LinkedIn is a sales powerhouse when leveraged correctly.

John Bellamy


Companies We Have Helped

4x Appointments in 48 hours …Plus Millions in Lending
“Within 2-days of commencing our campaign with Direct MSGing, we generated 4x new appointments with our ideal strategic partners … And have since added millions in lending revenue. Let’s just say, I’m pretty impressed!”

More Leads (And Customers) On Autopilot
“In just 6-months we’ve managed to increase our connections and convert more customers! I’m very pleased with the subtle (non-salesy) approach that Direct MSGing uses to connect and communicate with our audience.”

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Without Fear Of Being Labelled “Sleazy” By Your Peers, Prospects and Clients.